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“Our experience working with Design Extra has proven to be well worth the costs.  We were able to take an area that was 40 years old and transform it into a design of today.” -- Shari Embree, Monroe Manor Adiministrator

“The best money I spent, best decision I made in the entire remodel project was Design Extra.  They made it as painless as a remodel can be.  I will definitely use them again.” -- Mary Kay Jung, Residential Client

“I couldn't be more pleased Lynn and her staff at Design Extra. Not only are they personable and professional, but the quality of their work is exceptional.” -- Tyler Troutman, Executive Director, Brooking Park

"Lynn and I have worked together on several projects. She's professional, pays a lot of attention to the details and always brings a very creative touch to her work. Lynn is also very willing to look at opportunities where she can pull together a wide range of resources (people) and collaborate towards a common goal. She can see the possibilities and understands what is needed to complete a challenge with great results." -- Danny Hommes, Owner, Pixelography LLC

"As an employee of one of St. Louis’s premier conservation organizations, I can heartily endorse Lynn Larkin as a designer who is on the cutting edge of sustainable design and construction. It’s rare to find a consultant as creative and talented as Lynn who also is so knowledgeable regarding green practices. You can be sure Lynn will bring to the table the very latest building and interior design components that make equal statements appearance as they do in sustainability. As a USGBC LEED accredited professional, Lynn will continue to make a positive impact on the environment with her work." -- David McGuire, Vice President, Architecture and Planning at Saint Louis Zoo

"Lynn has many creative ideas and solutions along with a natural ability to meet her client's needs. Lynn has also been instrumental in helping keep my ever-changing budget needs in control by offering alternative and appropriate choices to achieve the end result." -- K. Michael Fear, General Manager,  RedLion Spokane

"I've had the opportunity to partner with Lynn Larkin for over ten years on various projects. The high level of professionalism she offers is extraordinary and appreciated. Her expertise, creativity and delivery are commendable. I'd highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services." --Mike Klenke, General Manager at Holiday Inn at Six Flags

"The spaces and interiors that Lynn has designed for us have been praised by our board, staff, our residents and their families. It is a joy to work with someone who makes it so easy to make decisions in a timely manner. Lynn has completed multiple projects for us. Lynn has also had to work with multiple levels of staff involvement and has been able to gather all on the same page. I would recommend her highly." -- Mary Alice Ryan, President/CEO, St. Andrew's Resources for Seniors

 "Lynn is a talented designer who is also very conscientious of her client's budget and needs. Working through a project with Lynn makes me an integral part of her team which provides the best end result for the client."  -- Peggy Sendobry , Sales Representative at National Wallcovering